Real leaders facilitate a culture and environment that empowers everyone to grow

Every person is unique and has different needs. That's why we've created a platform that offers a wide range of welfare professionals and tailored solutions for everyone. We believe that by offering personal support, we can empower employees and thus make a positive impact in the workplace.

Our goal is to proactively help millions of employees improve their wellbeing so that they can live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

Our 3 core values

We believe leaders lead by example. We want to help other leaders create an environment where individuals feel safe to be their true selves.
We believe that actions lead to meaningful impact. By taking responsibility for our well-being and those around us, we help improve performance and contribute to a better world.
We believe in embracing that each individual is unique and authentic. We encourage everyone to be themselves at work, valuing different perspectives and experiences.

Our Story

Making a sustainable impact

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We are becoming increasingly individualistic, experiencing constant pressure to be accessible and feel little room for error. All of this can lead to a considerable work-life imbalance.

We want to change that and that's why we started Empowr. So that we can help companies keep their employees healthy and happy. With our platform, we support companies on this important topic and empower their people. We do this by bringing highly qualified welfare professionals together in one place.

With the help of empowr. companies can improve the well-being and performance of their employees while reducing healthcare costs, stress, burnouts and turnover. The result: healthier, happier and more engaged employees!


Well-being in numbers

1.3 Million
Dutch employees suffer from
burnout complaints
VerBet believes it is essential that the employer
invests in mental health and well-being
Of all millennials
experiences stress
Of total absenteeism = mental
categorie psychisch verzuim
Average cost of
All employees were negatively affected
by Covid-19

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